What is a Cone Beam CT scan?

Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) uses the same technology as the CT scan available at your nearby hospital. This type of CT (CAT scan) is particularly useful for Dentistry as it has a smaller window and exposes only a small portion of your body to x-rays. It provides a 3D image of the part of your mouth that is of interest and significantly more information than the 2 dimensional x-rays that are most commonly used in Dentistry.

Digital Radiography gives our dental team the highest quality imaging possible. A Cone Beam CT scanner is the same quality imaging you would expect to find in a modern hospital.


What is Cone Beam CT used for?

  • Treatment planning for dental implant placement
  • Treatment planning of surgery for removal of third molars (and other impacted teeth) when they are close to a nerve canal or other important structure(s)
  • Helping to diagnose and treatment plan pathology
  • Helping to determine the cause of infection or pain
  • Our Office is equipped with a CBCT machine that produces very high resolution images using very low dose radiation.  Our machine is available for immediate use for our patients when they visit and by referral for patients from other Dentists.